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Get Back on Track with MovR

Advanced Technology for the Logistics Industry

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

MovR leverages advanced technology and AI to streamline the moving process, optimize your carrier networks, and provide end-to-end supply chain visibility. 

End-to-end supply chain visibility 

Harness millions of data endpoints and map out the entire supply chain process.

Versatility in AI

MovR utilizes AI to automate the entire process with unprecedented accuracy.

Data Science Acceleration

We ensure that no corner is left unturned and that local and long-distance operation are completed in a efficient manner. 

Optimized Carrier Networks 

MovR works with trusted professionals to offer the best in terms of speed and efficiency.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

MovR has introduced a new technology that streamlines the supply chain process by aggregating millions of data endpoints and mapping out the entire moving process for local and long-distance operations nationwide. This results in faster transports and increased transparency for customers.


The technology will optimize carrier networks and integrate directly within a moving company's software to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility. According to Chris Nelson, the CEO of MovR, this technology is essential for businesses to stay ahead in a competitive market by providing the ability to monitor goods, provide dedicated customer service, and offer pricing transparency.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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Partner Network


Data Points Analyzed


US states


Modernized AI Updates

Data Processing

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Make the most of your company life's journey with MovR's advanced technology and AI to streamline your supply chain process, optimize your carrier networks, and ensure you have end-to-end supply chain visibility.

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